I have been crafting collaborations between innovators, capital allocators, and creative talent for more than a decade. I often get asked how that works, so I wrote about it here:

What motivates me?

I want to support the entrepreneurs who are inventing the future – and I believe in the value that strategic partnerships can play in taking their companies to the next level (more on that here).

What are some examples of partnerships I have worked on?

I have worked primarily with startups. Over the years, I have collaborated with companies in fintech, healthcare, deep tech, and beyond. I also work with selected corporates – for example, one of Europe’s leading payment processing providers. In addition to this, I have also advised the German university WWU M√ľnster on its ecosystem strategy for spinouts. I also like working with venture investors on platform and network initiatives.

Before that, I helped arrange partnerships for projects with close links to the music industry. For example, I was in charge of collaborations with artists like Rihanna and Timbaland. I have also organized professional events in 10+ countries.

How exactly do I help companies that are looking to build partnerships?

The exact approach depends on the needs of the client. My process for working with clients is that I usually serve as the lead for one major collaboration that has an impact on the entire direction of the company. While doing so, my approach is to teach the principles to the team and help them acquire the necessary skills through osmosis. That way they can lead similar initiatives themselves in the future. Some of the issues we are working on:

The first phase of the partnership

  • Overall process definition
  • Alignment with strategic priorities
  • Ideation (deep-dive into network and identifying connections)
  • Researching the industry and making recommendations
  • Preparing the pitch to potential partners
  • Intros to potential partners
  • Initiate activities around trust building between parties
  • Negotiate and close the deal

The second phase of the partnership

  • Implementation of the partnership with both teams
  • Budget allocation and risk management
  • Map all relevant stakeholders
  • Share actionable best practices from leading tech companies
  • Optimize for speed

The third phase of the partnership

  • Help you tell the story and communicate the value internally (team, board) and externally (customers, community, potential investors, talent, and press)
  • Support with comms strategy, content creation, writing, and persuasion
  • Measure success (both quantitatively and qualitatively)

Want to get started or learn more?

Feel free to reach out via email, Linkedin (which needs an update) or on Twitter.